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Grinder Lyrics

From the Album Nothing Is Sacred (1991) (buy at
Nothing Is Sacred
Drifting For 99 Seconds
Hymn For The Isolated
The Spirit Of Violence
Nothing Is Sacred
None Of The Brighter Days
Superior Being
Dear Mr. Sinister
Pavement Tango
The Nothing Song

From the Album The 1st EP (1990) (buy at
The 1st EP
Reeling On The Edge
Incarnation Off
Truth Lies (In The Hands Of Judas)
Just Another Scar (Live)
Dawn For The Living (Live)
F.O.A.D. (Live)

From the Album Dead End (1989) (buy at
Dead End
Agent Orange
Dead End
The Blade Is Back
Just Another Scar
Total Control
Train Raid
Unlock The Morgue


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