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Goodie, Steve Lyrics

Ned Beatty Had the Hardest Part Lyrics

Well, I think I’ll go and rent me a movie right now;
Go and get something I ain’t never seen.
And on the discount rack, I see Deliverance,
And I’m watchin’ it now and they’ve got to that scene
Where they meet the hillbillies and they’re big and they’re mean…
And who’s that crawlin’ ‘round on his knees?
It’s Ned Beatty! (Beatty!) Ned Bea-yay-yay!
Ned Beatty had the hardest part
‘Cause redneck love leaves emotional scars.
I guess he didn’t read the script too far;
Ned Beatty had the hardest part!

Well, I wonder what kind of parts Ned turned down –
Oh, I wonder how desperate he was.
‘Cause I’ve heard it’s pretty tough in Hollywood,
But I woouldn’t ever let them tie me to a tree;
Screamin’ and holdin’ up my BVDs;
Waitin’ for Burt to come and rescue me,
Sayin’ “Hey Burt!” (Hey Burt) Hey-yay-yay!
Ned Beatty had the hardest part.
If you got a purty mouth, you can be a big star.
I bet the next day, his agent got fired.
Ned Beatty had the hardest part!

Well, don’t let ‘em get you Ned – don’t let ‘em next to you!
Don’t let ‘em get you Ned – you know what he wants to do!
Think of your momma Ned – put you through drama school;
Is this what she had in mind? You think she’s proud of you?

Ned Beatty! (Beatty!) Ned Bea-yay-yay!
Ned Beatty had the hardest part!
He’s taken method acting just a bit too far,
‘Cause this ain’t exactly Shakespeare-in-the-Park.
Ned Beatty had the hardest part!

Ned Beatty had the ha-a-a-a-a-a-arde-e-e-e-est pa-a-a-a-art!

…had the hardest part!
…had the hardest part…

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