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Left Out Lyrics
Feeling left out
from the right side of your bed
Feeling stressed out over every last word you said
Feelings left now, just a ghost inside my head
Feeling less now cause I know you dream me dead

I been left out, lied to, talked about and used
Stared down and laughed at, while walking out of school
You wanna put the blame on me the feelings nothing new
You wanna hang more pain on me there's nothing you can do
A moment lasts inside this coffin, I'm hurried often
Every time your calling once your starting there's no stopping
You know what, I pick my phone up, know you can hear me, just show up and show love, just want you near me
But like does that even feel right cause I don't want you if anyone can hold you all through the night
And is it even fair or worth for me to put up a fight, just to prove that I'm the one and you still leave out of spite
No more broken hearts to fall apart to broken promises, no more playing cards with broken shards which goes to haunt us
And we don't gotta put all this care beyond us, but you don't gotta be scared to be honest


I thought a lot lately, please
I wanna stop playing these games
Your mom and pops hate me
And now I'm probably not your top choice as your drinking on the rocks lately ha
I wanna confess, I wanna die when your brought up by friends, and every night I'm haunted in bed so I cry every drop is a sin
And I think I'm healing again but every feeling I'm feeling is like I'm peeling the skin
Always dealing with women at every show and event but if we're home or if we're out you're on your phone every second
Said that I'm an ass, I said I think your right
So every conversation turns to basically a fight
Stare into my eyes tell me what you need
As I pray to God that you never leave

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