Gloomy Grim Lyrics

Gloomy Grim Lyrics

From the Album Under The Spell Of The Unlight (2008) (buy at
Under The Spell Of The Unlight
April - Within The Woods
May - Why Are They Screaming At Night?
June - Åkerspöke
July - Cold Fingers
August - So I Slept & Slept
September - Invoking The Flames (Burn, Burn, Burn)
October - Cellar Dweller
November - And The Bird Came In
December - The Bells Toll My Name
January - Dying Breed
February - Astral Planes I Have Travelled Through
March - The Call

From the Album The Grand Hammering (2004) (buy at
The Grand Hammering
Come If You Dare
Lucifer's Hammer
Tomorrow Might Not Come
Prelude To War
Corps Of Doom
Nothing But Hate
Bloody Grim
Living Dead
Bedtime Story

From the Album Written In Blood (2001) (buy at
Written In Blood
Shadow World
Chainsaw Blast
The Throne Of Chaos
Black As The Pit
Depths Of Despair
Valley Of Death

From the Album Life? (2000) (buy at
Arrival Of The Antichrist
Born In Fire
The Chosen One
Mistress Of The Stormblast
Revelation 666
Elder Ones
At The Gates
My Domain
Heralds Of Pestilence
To The Death

From the Album Blood, Monsters, Darkness (1998) (buy at
Blood, Monsters, Darkness
Children Of The Underworld
Pope Of The Black Arts
Ocean Of Candles
The Summoning
Over The Mountain

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