Gilbert O'sullivan Lyrics

Gilbert O'sullivan Lyrics

From the Album The Other Sides Of Gilbert O'Sullivan (2004) (buy at
The Other Sides Of Gilbert O'Sullivan
If I Don't Get You (Back Again)
Mr. Moody's Garden
Everybody Knows
Tell Me Why
Call On Me
You Don't Have To Tell Me
Good Company
A Very Extraordinary Sort Of Girl
Can't Get You Out Of My Mind
Just As You Are
Too Bad
Save It
Our Own Baby
In Other Words
Down, Down, Down
In A Nutshell
To Cut A Long Story Short
As Long As I Can
You Better Run
Don't Bother At All

From the Album Piano Foreplay (2003) (buy at
Piano Foreplay
It Never Rains But It Pours
Barking Up The Wrong Tree (Such Is Life)
Make My Day
God Forbid
Conversation With The Flying Plates
I Gave Mine To You
A Love So
You And Me And The Garden Post
What's It All Supposed To Mean?
Answers On A Postcard (Please)
Will I Do?
World Of Work

From the Album Irlish (2000) (buy at
Have It
A Sight For Sore Eyes
Where The Hell Have You Been
Say Goodbye
Don't I Know It
How I Say That I Love You
Passport Photos
Water Music
Fine By Me
Two's Company (Three Is Allowed)
Love Being Faxed By You
Easier Said Than Done
Me - Reprise

From the Album Singer Sowing Machine (1997) (buy at
Singer Sowing Machine
Doesn't It Make You Sick (Mortar And Brick)
Heaven's Above
In Bed By Ten
Break A Leg 2
Please Don't Let My Weakness Show
You Better Believe It
Sex Appeal
Not So Great Britain
The Luck Of The Irish
I Don't Care
I'm About
I'll Be The Lonely One
Break A Leg 1
Say Ireland
Con Lab Lib

From the Album Every Song Has Its Play (1995) (buy at
Every Song Has Its Play
Dear Dream
I Wish I Could Cry
Nothing To Fear
Pretty Polly
Can't Find My Way Home
Dishonorable Profession
You Don't Own Me / If I Know You
Nobody Wants To Know
Young At Heart (We'll Always Remain)
I've Never Been Short Of A Smile
Showbiz (Reprise)
If You Commence Before The Start
Outro (From Every Song Has Its Play)

From the Album Sounds Of The Loop (1993) (buy at
Sounds Of The Loop
Are You Happy?
Not That It Bothers Me
It's Easy To See When You're Blind
Having Said That
Can't Think Straight
The Best Love I Never Had
Divorce Irish Style
Came And Went
I'm Not Too Young
I Can Give You
Can't Think Straight (Spanish Version)
What A Way (To Show I Love You)

From the Album The Little Album (1992) (buy at
The Little Album
When To Today
That's Why I Love You
My Advice To You
Hold On To What You Got
Came To See Me Yesterday
Mr. And Mrs. Regard
It Ain't For Me
I Don't Mind
As A Rule
My Front Door Is
Because Of You
The Window's Cleaner's Mate

From the Album Rare Tracks (1992) (buy at
Rare Tracks
To Each His Own
Our Own Baby
What's In A Kiss (Another Version)
As Long As I Can
Doing What I Know
Can't Get Enough Of You (Another Version)
Too Long
I'll Never Let You Go
What You See Is What You Get
Just As You Are
Can't Get You Out Of My Mind
Forever Wondering
The Niceness Of It All (Another Version)
That's A Fact
I'll Believe It When I See It

From the Album In The Key Of G (1989) (buy at
In The Key Of G
Lost A Friend
At The Very Mention Of Your Name
What Am I Doing Here With You
If I Start With The Chorus
So What
The Way Things Used To Be
I Don't Trust Men With Earrings In Their Ears
Gordon Bennett
To The Extreme
Stick In The Mud

From the Album Frobisher Drive (1987) (buy at
Frobisher Drive
So What
If I Start With The Chorus
What Am I Doing Here With You
We Will
Stick In The Mud
The Way Things Used To Be
I Don't Trust Men With Earrings In Their Ears
Lost A Friend
Forever Wondering
At The Very Mention Of Your Name

From the Album Life And Rhymes (1982) (buy at
Life And Rhymes
Live Now Pay Later
Bear With Me
You Don't Own Me
A Minute Of Your Time
Is It A Crime?
Got To Be That Way
Has Been
I Promise Honest
Wonder Why
Looking (A Tale Of Two Meanings)
If I Know You
At Least I'm Honest

From the Album Off Centre (1980) (buy at
Off Centre
I Love It But
What's In A Kiss
Hello, It's Goodbye
Why Pretend
I'm Not Getting Any Younger
Things That Go Bump In The Night
Help Is On The Way
For What It's Worth
The Niceness Of It All
Can't Get Enough Of You
Break It To Me Gently
Or So They Say

From the Album Southpaw (1977) (buy at
Introduction 1
You Got Me Going
No Telling Why
Tomorrow Today
The Best Fun I Ever Had
I Remember Once
Introduction 2
I Of Course Replied
That's Were I Belong
My Love And I
If I Can't Have You All To Myself
Miss My Love

From the Album A Stranger In My Own Backyard (1974) (buy at
A Stranger In My Own Backyard
Number 4
A Woman's Place
No More
It's So Easy To Be Sad
My Father
The Marriage Machine
If You Ever
The Thing Is
Just Like Me
Victor E
I Wonder Would You Mind
15 Times
Nothing To Do About Much
Can't Get You To Love Me
Always Somebody

From the Album I'm A Writer Not A Fighter (1973) (buy at
I'm A Writer Not A Fighter
I'm A Writer Not A Fighter
A Friend Of Mine
They've Only Themselves To Blame
Who Knows, Perhaps Maybe
Where Peaceful Waters Flow
Ooh Baby
I Have Never Loved You As Much As I Love You Today
Not In A Million Years
If You Love Me Like You Love Me
Get Down

From the Album Back To Front (1972) (buy at
Back To Front
Intro (From Back To Front)
I Hope You'll Stay
In My Hole
That's Love
Can I Go With You
But I'm Not
Outro 1 (From Back To Front)
I'm In Love (With You)
Who Was It?
What Could Be Nicer?
Out Of The Question
The Golden Rule
I'm Leaving
Outro 2 (From Back To Front)

From the Album Himself (1971) (buy at
Intro (From Himself)
January Git
Permissive Twit
Independent Air
Nothing Rhymed
Too Much Attention
Alone Again (Naturally)
Susan Van Heusen
If I Don't Get You (Back Again)
Thunder And Lightning
Houdini Said
Doing The Best I Can
We Will
Outro (From Himself)
Save It

Other Songs:
Ain't No Telling (What Tomorrow Will Bring)
Breakfast Dinner And Tea
Don't You Ever Change Your Mind
Get Out Of My Life
Going Home
Happiness Is Me And You
I Didn't Know What To Do
I Don't Love You But I Think I Like You
I Have My Coat To Keep Me Warm
Something I Believe
Taking A Chance On Love
There Are Others
Underneath The Blanket Go
What Can I Do
You Are You
You Never Listen To Reason

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