Slide On Me Lyrics by Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean Lyrics

Slide On Me Lyrics
[?] all year
I will [?] one all day
I can't [?]
Sometimes it pays
I will be on all day
I ain't never [?] all day
Wrong side of average

And when you slide on me, you slide on me
You slide off [?] side, yeah-yeah
Cause if you slide on me
First time's on me
Next time gon' be oh, yeah-yeah

Your mentality
You play ball you win 5 on 5 at least 3 times a week
Live parked down the street
Waitin' on you to tie every time with Victor key
Live so savagely
Always fighting with them you grew up with
When you lose you don't cry but you lowkey savage sad to see
If we cut like some champions you'll [?] yourself
You'll sleep happily, uh-haha, smiling
I'm still working while your dream pop
I can [?] seed stop stylin' on me
I don't think they get the point pop
They forgettin' that it's me
Akhi tell 'em I ain't goin', wallahi
I'm just out there running numbers
How the f*ck you think I live?
Too many hands waitin' for my downfall
Like somethings gotta give
Boys in the hood'll give me updates like they know the weather
If you ain't in the streets you can't see the sky in my hair
And see the sky

And when you slide on me, you slide on me
You slide on both sides, yeah-yeah
And when you slide on me, you slide on me
Both sides on me, oh, yeah-yeah

This is for when you change your mind and slide back this way
This is for the night set backs won't [?] that much fade
Guess you can't blame no one you choose blah-blah
Blah, blah, blah, blah
Blah, blah, blah, blah
Things I pain worthless

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