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Flyleaf Lyrics
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From the Album Between The Stars (2014) (buy at
Between The Stars

From the Album New Horizons (2012) (buy at

Fire Fire
New Horizons
Call You Out
Cage On The Ground
Great Love
Bury Your Heart
Saving Grace
Green Heart
Broken Wings

From the Album Remember To Live (2010) (buy at

Justice & Mercy
Amy Says
Dear My Closest Friend
Light In Your Eyes
Believe In Dreams
Arise (Ben Moody Mix)

From the Album Memento Mori (2009) (buy at

Beautiful Bride
This Close
The Kind
In The Dark
Set Apart This Dream
Swept Away
Tiny Heart
Break Your Knees (Expanded Edition Bonus Track)
Enemy (Expanded Edition Bonus Track)
Have We Lost (Expanded Edition Bonus Track)
Who Am I (Expanded Edition Bonus Track)
Uncle Bobby (Standard Edition Bonus Track)
Stay (Faraway, So Close) (iTunes Bonus Track)
Bitter Sweet (Pre-Order Exclusive Bonus Track)

From the Album Much Like Falling (2007) (buy at
Much Like Falling
Much Like Falling
Justice And Mercy

From the Album Flyleaf (2005) (buy at

I'm So Sick
Fully Alive
I'm Sorry
All Around Me
Red Sam
There For You
Breathe Today
So I Thought
Fully Alive (Acoustic) (US Re-Release Edition)
Red Sam (Acoustic) (US Re-Release Edition)
Cassie (Acoustic) (US Re-Release Edition)
I'm So Sick (Acoustic) (US Re-Release Edition)
All Around Me (Acoustic) (US Re-Release Edition)

Other Songs:
Arise Remix
Believe In Dreams
Broken Wings
Christmas Song
Do You Hear What I Hear
Eyes To See
Heavy Prey (from "Underworld: Awakening" soundtrack)
How He Loves
Ocean Waves
Penholder (Yahoo Exclusive)
Sleepwalker & Whispering Fingertips
Something Better
Something I Can Never Have (from "Underworld: Evolution" soundtrack)
What's This? (from "Nightmare Revisited" album)

Flyleaf Info:

Flyleaf is an American hard rock band, formed in the Belton and Temple, Texas regions in 2002. The band has charted on mainstream rock, Christian pop and Christian metal genres. Shortly before thir third album "New Horizons" was released, lead vocalist Lacey Sturm announced her departure. Kristen May subsequently became the new lead vocalist. -Wikipedia

Belton and Temple, Texas

Alternative metal, hard rock, post-grunge

Years active:

Associated acts:
Breaking Benjamin
Three Days Grace

Name Origin:
A flyleaf is the term for the blank pages at the beginning and at the end of a book. Lacey chose the name because to her it represents "a moment of clarity".

Sameer Bhattacharya – lead guitar, backing vocals

Jared Hartmann – rhythm guitar

Pat Seals – bass, backing vocals

James Culpepper – drums, percussion

Kristen May – lead vocals

Past Members:
Lacey Sturm – lead vocals (2002–2012)

Did You Know:
• The song Cassie references the Columbine High School massacre

• The song Fully Alive is about the wife of Kevin Palmer (lead vocalist of Trust Company).

Flyleaf Quotes:
"You know I really don't like to think about the fact that I'm a girl in relation to the music industry. I was just a kid who wrote down thoughts to organize her brain and that turned into music, like any other writer or musician... so, I happen to be a girl. I don't consider that part of it really.. It may disappoint some feminists out there that I don't want to harp on women and men being equal."
-Lacey Sturm

"Well, first of all if it wasn't for being saved by Jesus, I would not be alive. I would be dead. Some people say Jesus saved their soul... Well, maybe Jesus saved my soul spiritually, but He also saved my life physically. Every aspect of my life today has to do with the fact that Jesus saved my life."
-Lacey Sturm

"Our music is honest. We are who we are... messed up, dysfunctional sinners that have been loved in spite of our hate. We don't deny that we live in a evil world and that we have been evil people and we have evil tendencies... but we also have touched righteousness through our faith in Christ.. and we have received salvation, hope, and love... So our songs always acknowledge this truth and in turn we hope they bring faith, hope and love into the midst of the selfish, fearful hatred that makes up so much of the world we live in."
-Lacey Sturm
"Sameer and Jared are really experimental with melodies and pedals, and we all had different influences that were all blending together with the same passionate and hopeful heart, and that brought out this beautiful feeling. It was magical"
-Lacey Sturm

"Well, you know what? I don't know what you mean by a "Christian rock band." It's hard to say that because people all have a different definition of what that means. If it means that we're Christians, then yeah, we're Christians, but if a plumber's a Christian, does that make him a "Christian plumber?" I mean we're not playing for Christians. We're just playing honestly and that's going to come out"
-Lacey Sturm

Flyleaf Awards:
AMTV award for Favorite Music Video - Missing

BMI 2009 Pop Song Award for All Around Me

Tour Dates:

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