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Instant Friend Lyrics
[Chorus - Fetty Wap:]
And I swear you the type that I want
What you like and baby girl, what you need you can have it
I just want to show you that I'm not, what you're used to
Girl, I swear I'll change
Just a chance just to show you I love you
I can show you ain't no other girl above you, baby
Swear ain't no limit to this love I have for you
Give it all to you baby

[Verse 1 - Fetty Wap:]
I see your ass on instagram baby
And you became an instant friend baby
I couldn't you let me pass me
Let yo stop, be my trap queen girl
And I'll be your man
I'll jump right in your dm
Cause you blow my mind baby
I think of you all the time baby
I want you right by my side baby
Take it slow
Let me take my time
Let me take my time
Yeah Baby
I see you on Instagram baby
Is you who I'm missing now baby
For you take my vision in baby
I see her smile, yeah


[Verse 2 - Monty:]
Baby yea you looking like a star
You deserve trips to the mall
You deserve dick in the car
Oh I swear I can't get her off
And its all for the love
And its all cause of her
Girl you looking so sweet
And I know what you need
Tryna see with that's light
Hit it from the backside
And you looking like a star girl
And you can have it all girl

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