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Instagram Lyrics
Ay, look

RemyBoy ZooWap, scrolling through my insta
Baby girl looking too hot, I hit her in her dm
Can we meet in the pm or something?
Every pic, she see me, I be stunting, ay
I'm a boss and her nigga be fronting, ugh
He my worker, I run it or something, ugh
Payday I'm writing his check, ugh
Disrespect Wap, then he can get left, ay
I'm with RemyBoy Monty, we back to back in Audis
Smoking dope like a zombie, the windows getting cloudy
Monty said he want the lambo and ZooWap want the 'rari
P-Dice in the phantom with bitches going gnarly
Walk in with the damn bands and get the party started
Fetty Wap rocking champions, my shoes is Michael Jordan
RGF on my camp end 'cause now, they got me balling
Keep the rock on my damn hand and I ain't talking Spalding
Disrespecting my damn camp, I'll personally off them
I just went to the damn land to show them how I'm flossing
Remy Boyz got the damn stamp and me and Monty bosses
Remy Boyz got the damn stamp and me and Monty bosses, Squad!

I seen your ass on Instagram, baby
You became an instant friend, baby
With you, I just gotta win, baby
Look at all these benjamins, baby
Double-tap on your pics, fifteen seconds of love
Them videos you posting, followers going up
Seen your ass on Instagram, baby
Seen your ass on Instagram, yeaaah yeah

Lil mama, what you doing for the weekend?
'Cause you already know what I'm thinking baby
Dive up in your loving like I'm sinking baby
And I got what you need, f*ck is you thinking baby?
Wha-what the price is? It don't matter
'Cause I got it, girl you priceless
A millionaire at twenty-four, f*ck is the crisis
But Fetty Wap before I up my f*cking prices
'Cause I'm worth it, everything I'm on, I Dr. Jay it
I'm Erving, bitches throw it at me with no pass
And I'm curving, watch me how I come through in my 'rari
I'm swerving, you basic niggas cannot equal up
When I'm splurging, everything I do, boy I finesse it
And I can count a hundred bands and get to flexing
E-e-everything I do, boy I finesse it
F*ck nigga, I'm from 12th & 22nd

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