Fetty Wap Lyrics

Fetty Wap Lyrics
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Fetty Wap Info:

Fetty Wap is an American rapper from Paterson, New Jersey. He began taking interest in music in 2013. He initially was just a rapper but later decided to start singing as well because he "wanted to do something different." His brother and mother both have a history of singing. -Wikipedia

Birth name:
Willie Maxwell

June 7, 1990 (age )

Paterson, New Jersey, United States
Hip hop R&B

Rapper, singer, songwriter

Years active:

Name Origin:
In his neighboorhood growing up he was nicknamed "Fetty" because he was always known for getting money. "Wap" was added to the end of the name in tribute to his favorite rapper Gucci Mane

Did You Know:
When he was a child, he suffered development of congenital glaucoma in both of his eyes. His doctors were unable to save his left eye. He currently wears an ocular prosthesis.

Tour Dates:

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