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Gotta Have You Lyrics
[Hook - RGFM80:]
I need someone to hold tight, ride me through the whole night
Baby you the baddest, you know I got you so right
Mama you could have it, let's put that on my whole life
I always been a boss, but I put you in control right
Baby, what you doing tonight, I gotta have you
You know I'll be a fool if I let somebody bag you
This is why I do it by your house, I'm filling bags too
Don't you worry 'bout a thing, girl I got you 'cause I have to

On this bread I spend on you, it ain't nothing, I gotta do it
Said I love you, I mean it, it ain't nothing I gotta prove it
Don't want none of them bitches, they corny, they out here clueless
When I tell you I got you, you know it's real, I gotta do it
Here's a king, you should move it, I'm the one you influenced
[?] all on your booty, your body making me lose it
We the squad of the year, RGF be the movement
If your girls don't f*ck with my squad, then you know you bitches losing
Soon as she tell me give me, Versace, Louis and Fendi
Get by me and she got plenty when shawty sip that Rosé
I mix that shit with the Remy and nigga try to [?]
That choppa come out so quickly, I swear to god it's my baby
Rolling 20s when you see us, but we ain't out here cripping
Pop in front of the 'rari, pull out and I pop the clip in
Keep the 40 with shorty, one time [?] start to slipping
It ain't nothing to grab the Glock and that shot, they call me Pippen


[Fetty Wap:]
Baby pose for my camera, take a picture, ayy
I only smoke woods never swishers, ayy
You give me butterflies when I'm witcha, ayy
I'm eating on you like it's dinner, ayy
Your baby ass thicker than steak, ayy
I tip a couple hoes when I'm winning, ayy
I pull up on yo ass, just hop in it, ayy
I stunt in first gear, then I bend it, ayy
I'm all about my bands, watch me spend it, ayy
I feel like I'ma blast 'cause I'm gifted, ayy
I jug then finesse then I whip it, ayy
Ju-jug then finesse then I whip it, ayy
I'm all about the bands, watch me spend it, ayy
Ju-jug then finesse then I whip it, ayy
Ju-jug then finesse then I whip it, ayy
Zoovier, baby something different

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