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679 Lyrics
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(feat. Remy Boyz )

[Fetty Wap:]
Yeaaah baby, 17
Ay, ay look

[Fetty Wap:]
Baby girl, you're so damn fine though
I'm tryna know if I could hit it from behind though
I'm sipping on you like some fine wine though
And when it's over, I press rewind though
You talking bands, girl, I got it
Benjamins all in my pocket
I traded in my trues for some robins
He playing Batman, Fetty's gon rob him
I got a Glock in my 'rari, 17 shots, no 38
I got a Glock in my 'rari, 17 shots, no 38

[Hook - Fetty Wap:]
I'm like, yeah, she's fine
Wonder when she'll be mine
She walk past, I press rewind
To see that ass one more time
And I got this sewed up
Remy Boyz, they know us
All fast money, no slow bucks
No one can control us
Ay, yeaaah baby

[Montana Bucks:]
Tell me what you see
Is it money or it's me?
I smoke twenty, smell the weed
I got hunnies in my V
They like, Monty, can you be my baby daddy, I'm like yeah
I got robins on my jeans, you see the wings on every pair
All you see is Remy Boyz, you know my niggas everywhere
And if somebody got a problem, we could meet up anywhere
Now go say something
Don't you niggas play dumb
You know where we came from
You don't want sauce, no A1


[Fetty Wap:]
ZooWap, Monty
Zoowap, Monty
Yeaah baby, Remy Boyz
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679 Info:

• 679 doesn't appear in the lyrics. It comes from the day Fetty Wap was born - June 7th, 1990.

• Fetty Wap includes his Remy Boyz 1738 crew on the track. Their name comes from Rémy Martin cognac, whose "Accord Royal" brand was established in 1738.

June 29, 2015

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