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Evol Lyrics

Other Songs:
Ancient Abbey
Dark Stairs Of Rlyeh
Das Gemiedene Schlob
Dreamquest (il Monito Di Nasht E Kaman-thah)
Flying With the Night Gaunts
From The Unknown Domain... (the King Awakes)
Grigia Signora
Il Castello Evitato
Il Chierico Grigio
Il Principe di Anghisha
Once upon a Time...
Prologue (Waiting For His Coming)
Sad Doom Of A Dark Soul
Sad Doom Of A Dark Soul (chutulusumgal's Presence)
Sorrow of the Witch
Sorrow Of The Witch (Path To A Greater Knowledge)
The Ancient King Of Ice
The Ancient King Of Ice (mighty Yugsuduk)
The Awakening
The Black Crystal Of Astar
The Chant Of The Witch
The Chant of the Witches
The Dark Dreamquest
The Dark Stairs Of R'lyeh (the Grey Temple Of Leng)
The Dark Stairs of Rlyeh
The Feast
The Present Age
The Return Of The Horned King
The Tale Of The Witchlord
Tower of the Necromancer
...Verso La Citt… Del Tramonto


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