Almost Persuaded Lyrics by Etta James

Etta James Lyrics

Almost Persuaded Lyrics
Last night, all alone at a party
I met a man, oooooh, with a drink in his hand
He had soft brown eyes and coal black hair
And a smile a girl could understand

He came and set down at my table
And placed his warm hand, oooooooooh, on mine
I found myself wanting, longing, to kiss him, yes I did
For temptation was flowing like wine

Then we danced, we danced, he whispered
'Baby, I need you now'
'Let me take you away' oooooooooh 'I wanna be yo' man'
I looked in his eyes and I saw it, yes I saw it,
The reflection of my wedding band

I was almost, almost, almost persuaded
To lay my ol' consience right on the side
I was almost, almost, almost persuaded

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