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Envy On The Coast Lyrics

From the Album Lowcountry (2010) (buy at
Death March On Two, Ready?
The Devil's Tongue
Headfirst In The River
Puritan Dirt Song
Laugh Ourselves To Death
The Great American T-Shirt Racket
Southern Comfort
Like I Do
Made Of Stone
Clean Of You
Just South Of Heaven
Bad News
Spinal Cords
Company Of Men

From the Album Lucy Gray (2007) (buy at

Sugar Skulls
Artist And Repertoire
The Gift Of Paralysis
Tell Them That She's Not Scared
(x) Amount Of Truth
If God Smokes Cheap Cigars
Starving Your Friends
"...Because All Suffering Is Sweet To Me..."
"I'm Breathing...Are You Breathing Too?"

From the Album Envy On The Coast (2006) (buy at

You Won't Hear This
Temper Temper
Green Eyes Don't Lie

Other Songs:
All Along The Watchtower


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