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You And I (1987) Lyrics

(R. Nevil & M. Mueller)

Can't imagine how the
world would be
If I'd never met you
Don't know how I'd get through

When I need a place to hide away
I've got to run to
Nice to have someone who cares
Your love is my security
Can't you see there could never be...

Anyone else but you
Anyone else but you
Anyone else but you and I

If I ever start to turn away
Let your touch remind me
What I'd leave behind me

I could never find another you
What we have together
No one else could ever know

I need your love to keep me strong
Can't you see, baby, I don't want...


Underneath private skies
Feel so lost in your eyes
The way it works I don't understand
We must be part of some greater plan
All I know is I will never love...


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