Love Is Life Lyrics by EARTH, WIND AND FIRE


Love Is Life Lyrics
(Maurice White, Donald Whitehead & Wade Flemons)

Have you ever seen a flower
Tryin' to bloom in a dry barren land
But then comes a sweet spring shower
Just to lend a helpin' hand
Like the love of you and I
All at once it came alive
You brought love
And your love is life
Did you ever watch a mother
And how tender she treats a child
And the birds in the treetops
How they protect their young from the wild
And girl your love
It comforts me
And that's my security

You brought love
And your love is life
You brought love

This is the song of love
Let everyone sing along
Let everyone sing along
Give it all from the heart
Don't wait, don't wait 'til tomorrow

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