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Drive-By Truckers Lyrics

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From the Album American Band (2016) (buy at
American Band
Ramon Casiano
Darkened Flags On The Cusp Of Dawn
Surrender Under Protest
Guns Of Umpqua
Filthy And Fried
Sun Don't Shine
Kinky Hypocrite
Ever South
What It Means
Once They Banned Imagine

From the Album English Oceans (2014) (buy at

Shit Shots Count
When He's Gone
Primer Coat
Pauline Hawkins
Made Up English Oceans
The Part Of Him
Hearing Jimmy Loud
Til He's Dead Or Rising
Hanging On
Natural Light
When Walter Went Crazy
First Air Of Autumn
Grand Canyon

From the Album Greatest Hits 1998-2009 (2011) (buy at

3 Dimes Down
A World Of Hurt
Bulldozers And Dirt
Carl Perkins' Cadillac
Let There Be Rock
Lookout Mountain
Marry Me
Never Gonna Change
Ronnie and Neil
Sink Hole
The Living Bubba
The Righteous Path
Uncle Frank
Zip City

From the Album Go-Go Boots (2011) (buy at

I Do Believe
Go-Go Boots
Dancin' Ricky
Cartoon Gold
Ray's Automatic Weapon
Everybody Needs Love
The Weakest Man
Used To Be A Cop
I Hear You Hummin' (Vinyl Bonus Track)
The Fireplace Poker
The Thanksgiving Filter
Mercy Buckets

From the Album The Big To-Do (2010) (buy at

Daddy Learned To Fly
The Fourth Night Of My Drinking
Birthday Boy
Drag The Lake Charlie
The Wig He Made Her Wear
You Got Another
This F*cking Job
Get Downtown
After The Scene Dies
(It's Gonna Be) I Told You So
Santa Fe
The Flying Wallendas
Eyes Like Glue

From the Album The Fine Print (2009) (buy at

George Jones Talkin Cell Phone Blues
Like A Rolling Stone
Little Pony And The Great Big Horse
Mama Bake A Pie
Play It All Night Long
Uncle Frank
When The Well Runs Dry

From the Album Brighter Than Creation's Dark (2008) (buy at
Brighter Than Creation's Dark
Two Daughters And A Beautiful Wife
3 Dimes Down
The Righteous Path
I'm Sorry Huston
Perfect Timing
Daddy Needs A Drink
Self Destructive Zones
Home Field Advantage
Opening Act
Lisa's Birthday
The Man I Shot
Purgatory Line
The Home Front
Checkout Time In Vegas
You And Your Crystal Meth
Goode's Field Road
A Ghost To Most
Monument Valley

From the Album A Blessing And A Curse (2007) (buy at
A Blessing And A Curse
Feb 14
Gravity's Gone
Easy On Yourself
Aftermath USA
Little Bonnie
Space City
A Blessing And A Curse
A World Of Hurt

From the Album Gangstabilly (2005) (buy at
A Blessing And A Curse
Wife Beater
Demonic Possession
The Tough Sell
The Living Bubba
Late For Church
Panties In Your Purse
Why Henry Drinks
18 Wheels Of Love
Steve Mcqueen
Sandwiches For The Road

From the Album The Dirty South (2004) (buy at
The Dirty South
Where The Devil Don't Stay
The Day John Henry Died
Putting People On The Moon
Carl Perkins' Cadillac
The Sands Of Iwo Jima
Danko / Manuel
The Boys From Alabama
The Buford Stick
Daddy's Cup
Never Gunna Change
Lookout Mountain
Goddamn Lonely Love

From the Album Decoration Day (2003) (buy at
Decoration Day
The Deeper In
Sink Hole
Hell No, I Ain't Happy
Marry Me
My Sweet Annette
Sounds Better In The Song
(Something's Got To) Give Pretty Soon
Your Daddy Hates Me
When The Pin Hits The Shell
Do It Yourself
Decoration Day
Loaded Gun In The Closet

From the Album Southern Rock Opera (2002) (buy at
Southern Rock Opera
Days Of Graduation
Ronnie And Neil
72 (This Highway's Mean)
Dead Drunk And Naked
Guitar Man Upstairs
The Southern Thing
The Three Alabama Icons
Zip City
Let There Be Rock
Road Cases
Women Without Whiskey
Plastic Flowers On The Highway
Cassie's Brother
Life In The Factory
Shut Up And Get On The Place
Greenville To Baton Rouge
Angels And Fuselage

From the Album Pizza Deliverance (1999) (buy at
Southern Rock Opera
Bulldozers And Dirt
Nine Bullets
Uncle Frank
Too Much Sex (Too Little Jesus)
Box Of Spiders
One Of These Days
Margo And Harold
The Company I Keep
The President's Penis Is Missing
Tales Facing Up
Love Like This
Mrs. Dubose
The Night G.G. Allin Came To Town

From the Album Gangstabilly (1998) (buy at
Wife Beater
Demonic Possession
The Tough Sell
The Living Bubba
Late For Church
Panties In Your Purse
Why Henry Drinks
18 Wheels Of Love
Steve Mcqueen

Other Songs:
Girls Who Smoke
Runaway Train

Drive-By Truckers Info:

Drive-By Truckers are an alternative country/Southern rock band based in Athens, Georgia, though two out of five current members are originally from The Shoals region of Northern Alabama, and the band strongly identifies with Alabama.

Drive-By Truckers was co-founded by Patterson Hood (son of bassist David Hood of the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section) and longtime friend, former room-mate, and musical partner Mike Cooley in Athens, Georgia, in 1996. -Wikipedia

Athens, Georgia, United States

Alternative country, alternative rock, Southern rock

Years active:

ATO, MapleMusic Recordings (Canada), New West, Lost Highway, Play It Again Sam, Ghostmeat, Soul Dump

Associated acts:
Adam's House Cat
The Screwtopians
Jason Isbell
Booker T. Jones
The Dexateens

Patterson Hood -
guitar, vocals, bass
(1996 - present)

Mike Cooley -
guitar, vocals, bass
(1996 - present)

Brad "The EZB" Morgan -
(1999 - present)

Jay Gonzalez -
keyboards, guitar, vocals
(2008 - present)

Matt Patton -
(2012 - present)

Past members:
Adam Courson - horns (2013)

John Neff - guitar, pedal steel guitar, vocals (1998, 1999, 2003, 2006, 2007-2012)

Shonna Tucker - bass, vocals, guitar (2003-2011)

Spooner Oldham - electric piano, electric organ, vocals (2003, 2007-2008)

Jason Isbell - guitar, vocals (2001-2007)

Scott Danborn - fiddle (2003)

Clay Leverett - harmony (2003)

Earl Hicks - bass, snare drum (1999-2003)

Rob Malone - guitar, vocals, bass (1999-2001)

Jyl Freed - vocals (2000)

Kelly Hogan - vocals (2000)

Amy Pike - vocals (2000)

Anne Richmond Boston - vocals (2000)

Adam Howell - upright bass, vocals (1999)

Matt Lane - drums (1999)

Barry Sell - mandolin (1999)

Drive-By Truckers Quotes:
Jason joining the band made a big change not to mention everything we went through during the period of time that we made that record. [We] made a lot of changes in each of our individual personalities and as a whole having gone through all of that.
Patterson Hood 

When Adam's House Cat broke up in 1991, which was Cooley and my band for six years, I put my entire life, heart, and soul into that thing. I mean everything. I ended up getting divorced over it, and then the band broke up and I was left with nothing. I had nothing to show for six years of my life except for a finished record that still hasn't come out. And I went through a pretty deep, dark, two-year depression after that, [which] probably resulted in some of the earlier songs that became Drive-By Trucker songs, for that matter.
Patterson Hood 
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