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The Dirty Heads Lyrics

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From the Album Cabin By The Sea (2012) (buy at

Cabin By The Sea
Spread Too Thin
Your Love
Mongo Push
Dance All Night
Day By Day
Smoke Rings
Burn By Myself
We Will Rise
Best Of Us
Love Letters
On My Way (Bonus Track)

From the Album Any Port In A Storm (2010) (buy at

Stand Tall
Morning Light
Knows That I
Check The Level
Hip Hop Misfits
Everything I'm Looking For
Lay Me Down (Special Edition Bonus Track)
Antelope (Special Edition Bonus Track)
I Got No Time (Special Edition Bonus Track)

Other Songs:
Coming Home
Sloth's Revenge
State Of Mind Check


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The Dirty Heads Info:

The Dirty Heads is a reggae band from Huntington Beach, CA with a melodic style that includes hip hop and ska punk genres. The band was founded in 1996 by Jared "Dirty J" Watson and vocalist/guitarist Dustin "Duddy B" Bushnell in Orange County, CA. The two first met at a party during their freshman year of high school.

From: Huntington Beach, CA

Reggae, hip-hop, ska, acoustic rock, Alternative rock, Reggae Fusion, reggae rock, reggae rap,

Years active:
(2003-present as current line-up)

Associated acts:
Sublime with Rome, Matisyahu, 311, Pepper, Kottonmouth Kings, Unwritten Law

Name Origin:
The bandís name comes from an occasion where the two were stealing a 12-pack of beer, and someone shouted at them "Come here you little dirty heads!"

Jared Watson (Dirty J)
Dustin Bushnell (Duddy B)
Jon Olazabal
Matt Ochoa
David Foral
Shawn Hagood

Tour Dates: