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Rock Steady Lyrics
[Verse 1: Action Bronson]
My face shining, looking like some salmon skin
All twelve Reggie Hammond, holding hammers him
Never speak, he like that short silent type
I'm in the mountains shovin' knives, drinking wine at night
Rose petals get thrown to the feet
Know we grow knee 'cause even in this rap don't work we got stones in the street
Go down in Tallahassee, work and come home in a week
See me stoned in a Jeep with the chrome on the feet
Leather overalls, shirtless like I'm Kells in the street
Posing for flicks, leaning on an English whip
With the float ware straight from the aquarium
My bitch built like secretariat, yeah, bring the chariot
I f*ck the pussy, not marry it, world on my shoulders, dougie, I carry it
I'm more than happy with my bitch, she got no saggy tits
I'll do it old school style and give her baggy dick

[Hook x4: Nicky Da B]
Rock, rock, very
Slow, slow, steady
Base, base, heavy
Drum, drums, ready

[Verse 2: RiFF RAFF]
They talk in cents, diamonds in our tooths and dinner (ice)
Rap game Burt Reynolds in a candy canteloupe car rental
I'm in the trash compactor, black shades like famous actor
Bank account doin' gymnastics, flip
40 cal. in the Razorback starter jacket (Arkansas)
I switch up like south paw, frozen teeth look like tiger claws
Look like a penguin massaged my upper gums and lower jaws (igloos)
My wedding gifts consists of Versace blenders, ice out contenders, didn't mean to offend you
When I pull up the [?], in the candy leather [?]
Flush out the system with niacin, 40 lines of the Vicodin
Still childish and violent, with appetite for violins
Disappearing act like Sister, Sister
Lost the biscuits, city slickers, rap game Billy Crystal

[Hook x4]

[Verse 3: Mr MFN eXquire]
Pass our nuts, shit, ain't no courtesy flush
F*ck black bitches till they bruise, white hoes till they flush
F*ck pretty bitches in their face, thick hoes in their butts
Bumping mace [?]
[?] sipping more lean with goldie
Sweaty minks in the summer like it's snowing
Pummel all opponents turn gold if I concentrate
Scrape the plate rap for my team, bought a cheese greater
Eggplant, parmesan with [?] seen him do a pushup on the back of his head
Acting like I'm certified, niggas get nervous when I'm walking
Nudge each other and whisper that's him
Y'all niggas, cooch, pussies
I'mma cool off his noose on the loose sipping hooch
Flow's out the colon, TYB chosen, bust it wide open with my staff like Moses

[Hook x4]

[Outro: Nicky Da B]
Bounce to the left, shake it to the right
Now pop it up once, we gon' dance tonight
Writer: Thomas Wesley Pentz
Copyright: Lyrics © Songs Of Smp, I Like Turtles Music
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