Deja Vu Lyrics by Dionne Warwick

Dionne Warwick Lyrics

Deja Vu Lyrics
This is insane
All you did was say hello
Speak my name
Feeling your love
Like a love I used to know
Long ago
How can it be
We're a different space in time
Come to me
Feel Like I'm home in a place I used to know
Long Ago


Deja Vu Could you be the dream that I once knew
Is it you
Deja Vu Could you be the dream that might come true
Shining through
I keep remembering me
I keep remembering you
Deja Vu

This is devine
I been waiting for so long
Filling time
Looking for you
That's worth more than you could know
Long Ago
Come to me now
We dont have to dream of love
We know how
Somewhere before its as if I loved you so
So long ago

Repeat Chorus 2 times

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