Damone Lyrics by Deftones

Deftones Lyrics

Damone Lyrics
Sleep in this hole
Stinging in your eyes
Ashamed, for you, cause
So far, I've been down that's true

Shake in lie
About to fall
Ashamed, for you

So far I've been down that's true
Except for your arms
You start, stand still
And shove regret back at me

Ask you why
Whats up?
Ask you why
One, two
Why, why
Why why

Soon I've been you
Laughter, sigh
So ashamed for you, cause

This feeling gets old
And so do your eyes
This is why, I hate you, cause

So far, I've been down thats true
Except for you're arms, you just
Smile, stand still
While you look right back at me!

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