Wait Lyrics by Death Cab For Cutie

Death Cab For Cutie Lyrics

Wait Lyrics
(Originally by Secret Stars)

Every town has a diner
where I'll meet you, and your friends too.
Things are just a bit nicer over some coffee;
you can tell me all about your day.
I don't know much about you,
not that i want to,
not that i want to.
Sometimes I can't escape from my room so excuse me,
I'll be just a little late.

You will wait for me,
you will wait for me

Every town has a corner,
where I'll see you and your friends too;
hanging out looking cool,
saying the same things over and over (again).
Sometimes we all feel stupid,
we say the wrong things;
you're not the only one.
Sometimes we all get left behind
in a race of style,
it's a dumb thing.
you will wait for me
you will wait for me
you will wait for me
you will wait for me

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