Y-Ya-Tryin To Play Me Lyrics by Da Youngsta's

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Y-Ya-Tryin To Play Me Lyrics
Roses are red and violets are blue
I never met a girl that's quite like you
You- I think about you all day
Sometimes I wanna chat when I see you in the hallway
In school in between classes
You're either not tryina see me or you need glasses
I make passes, you still don't get the picture
Tell me baby- take to get with ya
Starin at the ceiling cause all I do is daydream
I ain't playin but - what I'm sayin may seem
Like - that I'm - to ya
I'm like a magnet, always stickin to ya
Yet you still show no affection
You don't even look in my direction
So what's up with that, baby?
I got a question, why you tryina play me?

- used to pay - visit - what is it
You used to be gentle, polite and quite excuisite
It's strange, changed like the weather
We stood together like two birds of a feather
Now it's like you never saw me
You don't even take the time to try to call me
I'm willin to give it another try
But what's up with that other guy?
You thought I was slippin
You better get a grip and stop trippin
Fancy clothes and cars don't flatter me
I ain't the one to get charged like a battery
You tried to use to get what you want
You know you're with it, so don't front
That's word, no ifs, ands or maybes
So why you tryina play me

As I watch rain drip off the paine- of my window
Girls be tryina play me like Nintendo
But that's only if I let 'em
Maybe that's why I try not to sweat 'em
Even if you're beautiful
I still rather chill with a girl that's suitable
Not sayin I'm all that and some
I want a girl that's not out for my income
Someone intelligent and - smart
Not the kind that'll play with your mind and break your heart
But still I'm tryina figure out what happened
Out of the blue you start snappin
Givin up a dumb excuse
Tellin your friends you cut me loose
So what's up with that, baby
I got a question, why you try to play me?

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