Miss You Lyrics by Darius Rucker

Darius Rucker Lyrics

Miss You Lyrics
Had a bottle of wine
And a perfectly fine dinner
Talked about school, work, life
And how cold it was last winter
Laid down in this big old bed
And you turned on the TV
Fell asleep without a goodnight kiss
Or even an "I Love you baby"
Oh baby

How can we go all night
And not even touch one another
How can we say we're still in love
And not be lovers
How did we get here
Where you can be right there
And I can be with you
And miss you

I remember the time
When every time you saw me you had to kiss me
Oh but lying here tonight, girl
That all just seems like ancient history
Oh what happened baby

[Repeat chorus]

Baby I still need you
Hold and touch you
Please say it's not the end
Oh baby please say we're not just friends

We can't go all night
And not even touch one another, no
Baby I'm, I'm still in love
So let's be lovers
You know it's not fair
That you can be right there
And I can't be with you
Oh, Oh and miss you
Oh baby I, I miss you darlin'
Oh I do, oh I do, layin' right next to you
I miss you girl
Oh yeah, oh baby I miss you

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