Through Gabriel His Message Mild Lyrics

Christmas Carols

Through Gabriel His Message Mild Lyrics
1. Through Gabriel his message mild,
O Maris stella,
Thou, Virgin, has conceiv'd a Child,
Tu Deitatis cella.

2. Fair Maiden, in thy lowly bower,
Flos sine spina,
Thou bar'st the Everlasting Flower
Ex gracia divina.

3. All we through Eva were for-done
Per peccatricem,
But Eden's garden is re-won
Per Dei genitricem.

4. Of daughters, Maid, thou art the best,
Virgo beata,
Of every age and people blest,
Deipara vocata.

5. That Son of very God indeed
Quem tu portasi;
Nor will he be scorn his mother's bede
Quem puerum lactasi.

6. Thy gentle Bairn, how sweet he is
Quis enarravit?
And who can tell the heavenly bliss
Quod suis praeparavit?

7. And therefore, Lady, three we greet
Cum melodia,
And with Saint Gabriel repeat,
Ave, Virgo Maria!

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