This Day A Child Is Born Lyrics

Christmas Carols

This Day A Child Is Born Lyrics
1. This Day a Child is born,
Offspring of God's pure love,
True Word, the Everlasting,
And Wisdom from above!

Noel, Noel, Noel!
All through the Day we sing
To greet the loving Saviour,
Our Prophet, Priest, and King.

2. This Day is Jesus born,
Made Flesh the Son of Man,
Who erst did reign in glory,
Before the world began! [Chorus]

3. This Day a Child is born,
Creator, King, and Lord, --
In Majesty all glorious
By Heaven and earth adored. [Chorus]

4. This Day the Light has come,
Bright Beam of Peace and Love, --
Way, Truth, and Life, sure Guidance,
To our blest Home above! [Chorus]

5. This Day the Shepherd came
To Shepherds in the field,
That we, His Sheep, might find Him,
And He to death might yield. [Chorus]

6. One Day our Judge will come,
And all shall hear His Voice, --
That Day, Sweet Jesus, bid us,
With all Thy Sheep, rejoice! [Chorus]

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