The Winter Night Lyrics

Christmas Carols

The Winter Night Lyrics
1. The winter night was dark and still,
The village lay asleep;
In meadows underneath the Hill
The shepherds watched their sheep:
The shepherds watched their sheep, good Lord,
But angels watched o'er Thee.
While Mary held Thee to her heart,
And they sang jubilee.

2. O Mary's Son, for her sweet sake
All womankind is blest;
We praise thy Name when first we wake
And when we go to rest:
And when we go to rest, good Lord,
Our nightly thanks are giv'n.
For all good mothers, some on earth,
And some with Thine in heav'n.

3. And now the Yule log glows a-flame
And winds without run wild;
We softly speak the blessed Name;
They called Thee Jesus, Child!
They called Three Jesus, child! good Lord,
O winter winds, be still!
O Christmas star, shine down again
On meadow and on hill.
Sing Jubilee.

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