The Son Of God, So High, So Great Lyrics

Christmas Carols

The Son Of God, So High, So Great Lyrics
1. The Son of God, so high, so great,
A little child like us would be;
He took our form in low estate,
And prest an earthly mother's knee.

2. And while the horned beasts among
In manger rude, alone He lay,
Out in the fields the angels sung,
"A Saviour, Christ, is born today."

3. We did not hear the angels chime,
Their birth-day hymn to shepherd's ear;
But we can think at Christmas time,
How Jesus came to help us here.

4. For us, the King of kings came down,
For us He laid His glory by,
That we might wear an angel's crown,
And live the life that can not die.

5. O teach Thy children, Holy Child.
That evermore they serve Thee thus,
And lead us by Thy mercy mild,
Up to the Heaven Thou left'st for us.

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