There Were Shepherds Watching Lyrics

Christmas Carols

There Were Shepherds Watching Lyrics
1. There were shepherds watching,
In the fields their sheep,
In silence of the midnight,
Watch and ward they keep;
Suddenly around them
Glowed a wondrous light,
And a white-rob'd angel,
Filled them with affright.

Join the angel [Chorus],
Ringing thro' the sky,
Peace on earth, good-will to men:
Glory to God on high.

2. "In royal David's city,"
Said he, "is born a King.
To you the joyful tidings
From God above I bring."
Suddenly a mighty host
Of angels filled the sky,
Praising God and saying:
"Glory to God on high!" [Chorus]

3. See the Wise Men coming
From their homes afar,
Guided by the beaming
Of a glorious star!
Now they bow before Him,
And their Saviour greet,
While they pour rich treasures
Humbly at His feet. [Chorus]

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