The People That In Darkness Walked Lyrics

Christmas Carols

The People That In Darkness Walked Lyrics
1. The people that in darkness walked
Have seen a wondrous light,
A light that beamed afar,
The bright and morning star.
And those that dwelt in death's dark vale,
Have felt their joy increase,
Their constant theme shall be
"All hail the Prince of Peace."

Wonderful, Counsellor!
The everlasting father, and the Prince of Peace;
Wonderful, Counsellor!
The everlasting Father, and the Prince of Peace.

2. As men rejoice when they divide
The spoils which they have gained,
So shall it ever be,
When Christ shall set them free.
For He shall break the shoulder's staff,
The rod of the oppressed,
And every battle won
As victor's we shall rest. [Refrain]

3. For unto us a child is born,
To us a Son is giv'n:
His kingdom shall increase,
And never, never cease.
Upon the throne of David shall
He reign forevermore,
Till ev'ry knee shall bow
And ev'ry heart adore. [Refrain]

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