The Angels Song 1 Lyrics

Christmas Carols

The Angels Song 1 Lyrics
1. Rolling downward, through the midnight,
Comes a glorious burst of heav'nly song;
'Tis a [Chorus] full of sweetness-
And the singers are an angel throng.


"Glory! glory in the highest!
On the earth goodwill and peace to men!"
Down the ages send the echo;
Let the glad earth shout again!

2. Wond'ring shepherds see the glory,
Hear the word the shining ones declare;
At the manger fall in worship,
While the music fills the quiv'ring air. [Chorus]

3. Christ the Savior, God's Anointed,
Comes to earth our fearful debt to pay-
Man of sorrows, and rejected,
Lamb of God, that takes our sin away. [Chorus]

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