That Rage Whereof The Psalm Doth Say Lyrics

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That Rage Whereof The Psalm Doth Say Lyrics
1. That rage whereof the Psalm doth say,
"Why are the Gentiles grown so mad?"
Appeared in part upon that day,
When Herod slain the Infants had;
Yet as it saith they stormed in vain;
Tho' many Innocents they slew,
For Christ they purposed to have slain,
Who all their counsels overthrew.

2. Thus still vouchsafe Thou to restrain
The tyrants, Lord, pursuing Thee;
Thus let our vast desires be slain,
That Thou mayest living in us be;
So, whilst we shall enjoy our breath,
We of Thy Love our songs will frame,
And with these Innocents, our death
Shall also glorify Thy Name.

3. In type those many died for One;
That One for many more was slain
And what they felt in Act alone,
He did in Will and Act sustain.
Lord, grant that what Thou hast decreed,
In Will and Act we may fulfil;
And though we reach not to the deed,
From us, O Lord, accept the Will.

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