Tell Us, Thou Cleere And Heavenly Tongue Lyrics

Christmas Carols

Tell Us, Thou Cleere And Heavenly Tongue Lyrics
1. Tell us, thou cleere and heavenly tongue,
Where is the Babe but lately sprung?
Lies he the lillie-banks among?

2. Or say, if this new Birth of ours
Sleeps, laid within some ark of flowers,
Spangled with deaw-light; thou canst cleere
All doubts, and manifest the where.

3. Declare to us, bright star, if we shall seek
Him in the morning's blushing cheek,
Or search the beds of spices through,
To find him out?

Star. No, this ye need not do;
But only come and see Him rest,
A princely Babe, in's mother's brest.

Chor. He's seen! He's seen! why then around
Let's kisse the sweet and holy ground;
And all rejoyce that we have found
A King, before conception, crown'd.

4. Come then, come then, and let us bring
Unto our prettie twelfth-tide King,
Each one his severall offering.

Chor: And when night comes wee'l give him wassailing;
And that his treble honours may be seen,
Wee'l chuse him King, and make his mother Queen.

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