Some Rightly Celebrate Lyrics

Christmas Carols

Some Rightly Celebrate Lyrics
1. Some rightly celebrate
Thy holy virgin fame:
Some praise renowned and great
Thine Apostolic name;
And some would thee instate
Among the Prophet Choir:
Christ's Martyr doth our lays inspire.

2. With Him thou wast assailed
By foes with savage force,
In spirit with Him nailed,
Unto the painful Cross;
Thy sympathy bewailed
His piteous travail there;
Thou didst with Him those sorrows share.

3. In His expiring throe,
With hanging on the Tree,
His childless Mother's woe
He heals by proffering thee;
Doth thee on her bestow,
And her to thee entrust,
Virgin to virgin, as was just.

4. What pledge could earth afford,
So precious and Divine?
True Mother of thy Lord!
Yet also truly thine!
A son to her restored,
Thou dost with filial care
The loss of Him, her Son, repair!

5. He, outcast and alone,
His Eyesight quenched in death,
His Will to thee made known
With His expiring Breath;
And from that hallowed Throne.
Which crimson currents streak,
Did to the listening nations speak.

6. O Christ's companion true!
May we our steps incline,
That pathway to pursue
Where Love conducted thine!
His Grace our souls endue,
With Him the Cross to bear
And in His Precious Death to share!

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