Salvator Mundi, Domine 3 Lyrics

Christmas Carols

Salvator Mundi, Domine 3 Lyrics
1. Salvator mundi, Domine,
Father of heaven, blessed Thou be,
Thou greetest a maid with an ave,
Que vocatur Maria.

2. Adesto nunc propicius,
Thou sendest Thy Son, sweet Jesus,
Man to become for love us us,
Deo Patri sit gloria.

3. Ne mentem sompnus opprimat,
Betwist an ox and an ass
Christ Himself born He was
De virgine Maria.

4. Te, Reformator sensuum,
Both little and mickle, and all and some,
Welcome the time that now is come,
Deo Patri sit gloria.

5. Gloria Tibi, Domine,
Three Persons in Trinity,
Blessed may They alle be,
Deo Patri sit gloria.

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