The Morning Star Upon Us Gleams Lyrics

Christmas Carols

The Morning Star Upon Us Gleams Lyrics
1. The Morning Star upon us gleams;
How full of grace and truth His beams,
How passing fair His splendor!
Good Shepherd, David's proper heir,
My King in heav'n, Thou dost me bear
Upon Thy bosom tender
Hearest, Dearest,
Highest, brighest, Thou delightest
Still to love me,
Thou so high enthroned above me,

2. Strike deep into this heart of mine
Thy rays of love, Thou Star divine,
And fire its dying embers:
And grant that naught have pow'r to part
Me from Thy body, Lord, who art
The life of all Thy members
I stand, Thy hand
Ever taking, Ne'er forsaking:
Naught shall ail met
Bread of Life, Thou wilt not fail me.

3. Thou, mighty Father, in Thy Son
Didst love me, ere Thou hadst begun
This ancient world's foundation.
Thy Son hath made a friend of me,
And when in spirit Him I see
I've done with tribulation.
What bliss Is this!
Where He liveth Me He giveth
Life for ever,
Nothing me from Him can sever.

4. Lift up the voice and strike the string,
Let all glad sounds of music ring
In God's high praises blended.
Christ will be with me all the way,
Today, tomorrow ev'ry day,
Till trav'ling days be ended.
Sing out, Ring out
Triumph glorious, O victorious,
Chosen nation;
Praise the God of your salvation.

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