Long Ago In Bethlehem Lyrics

Christmas Carols

Long Ago In Bethlehem Lyrics
1. Long, long ago in Bethlehem
The Christ-child came
With no one but his Mother sweet,
To warm His little hands and feet,
And know His Name
How wonderful to think that
He was God of all!
No sign of Heaven's bright estate,
To show that He was rich and great,
That Babe, so small!

O Christ-child sweet, our Infant King!
We children pray
Make in our hearts a little place
Where we may keep Thee, by Thy Grace,
On Christmas Day.

2. Yet thousand Angels worshiped Him
On that dark night,
To their dear Lord, on rev'rent knee
Poor shepherds knelt, made wise to see
By heav'nly light.
Still in the long dark winter
Hours, The Christ-child comes;
Have we no place, O children dear?
Must we not wish to keep Him here
In our own homes. [Chorus]

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