Joyfully, Joyfully Angels Are Singing Lyrics

Christmas Carols

Joyfully, Joyfully Angels Are Singing Lyrics
1. Joyfully, joyfully angels are singing,
O'er Bethlehem's plains of light;
Wonderful, wonderful message now bringing
To welcome the Christmas night.

"Glory to God in the highest, all glory!
Peace on the earth and good will;"
Angels are telling the marvellous story,
Shepherds are list'ning still.

2. Peacefully, peacefully light is now beaming,
Sages have come from afar;
Beautiful, beautiful brightly now gleaming
Bethlehem's wonderful Star. [Chorus]

3. Wistfully, wistfully wise men are seeking
"The Christ in the House of Break;"
Tenderly, tenderly Mary is keeping
Her watch o'er that lowly Bed. [Chorus]

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