I Know A Plant, It Springeth Lyrics

Christmas Carols

I Know A Plant, It Springeth Lyrics
1. I know a plant-it springeth
From earth, a tender shoot;
As olden prophet singeth,
From Jesse came the root,
That bore a Blossom bright
In depth of chilly winter,
About the dead of night.

2. This plant, with blossom laden,
As spake Esay of yore,
Is Mary, spotless maiden,
For us this Flow'ret bore:
By God's eternal will,
A seemly Babe she childeth,

3. Yet Maid remaineth still.
Praise, honour, to the Father,
The Son, and Spirit blest;
And Mary, God's own Mother,
For help we make request
Beseech thy dearest Son
That he would be our Refuge,
And shrive us, every one.

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