How Many Credit Cards Must One Man Own Lyrics

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How Many Credit Cards Must One Man Own Lyrics
How many credit cards must one man own
Before we call him a man?
How many seas must the great trawlers sail
Before the last fish is canned?
Yes'n how many dumps must the styrofoam fill
Before it's forever banned?
The answer my friend, is reducing our consumption
The answer is reducing our consumption

How many ads must one man see
Before he starts to grow wise?
How many fruits must a poor land export
Before it's allowed to grow rice?
Yes'n how many barrels of oil can we waste
Before we have to pay it's true price?

How many rugs can a young girl weave
Before she's no longer a child?
How many trees can a nation chop down
Before there's no trees in the wild?
Yes'n how many lies can a man listen to
Before he's no longer beguiled?

How many dollars do we try to earn
Pretending we need them to thrive?
How many more animals must we kill
Before we can see they're alive?
Yes'n how many weapons will be bought and sold,
Before we decide to survive?

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