Hark! Hark! The Sweet, Sweet Chiming Lyrics

Christmas Carols

Hark! Hark! The Sweet, Sweet Chiming Lyrics
1. Hark! hark! the sweet, sweet chiming
Of merry Christmas bells!
Their low, melodious hymning
A wondrous story tells!
Beneath the stars that glisten
O'er distant Syrian plains,
The watching shepherds listen
To clear, angelic strains.

2. "To God the highest glory!"
While heavenly arches ring,
Responsive to the story
That Gabriel doth sing:
"The peace on earth whose blessing
Shall bring good will to men;"
And in his name progressing,
Shall fill the world again!

3. And where the dawn is streaking
The eastern sky, afar,
They see the glory breaking
From off a new-born Star!
It shines above the manger
Wherein a babe is born,
And for that infant stranger
Arch-angels hail the morn!

4. No kingly crown awaits him,
No robe of Tyrian dye,
But heavenly choirs his praises
Are sounding through the sky!
For Bethlehem's lowly manger
The King of kings contains!
And Glory! Glory! Glory!
The Lord of all he reigns!

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