Hail Mary, Full Of Grace Lyrics

Christmas Carols

Hail Mary, Full Of Grace Lyrics
1. Hail Mary, full of grace! All generations, bless
Our highly-favoured sister in her holiness!
Rejoice with her, who first received
God's Word made human, and believed.

2. Heaven and earth stand still while Mary, wrapped in thought,
Accepts the words of joy and dread the angel brought
To bear the Christ, and hold him dear
In costly love, in pain and fear.

3. Courage and strength were hers when, virgin and alone,
She freely chose the will of God and made it her own.
She laughed, and sang a woman's song:
God lifts the weak, puts down the strong.

4. Now may we seek the path that Mary's feet once trod,
Sufficient in herself to bear the fullness of God -
For Christ will come where faith and love
Receive him still, and make him room.

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