Glory To God In The Highest Lyrics

Christmas Carols

Glory To God In The Highest Lyrics
1. Glory to God, in the highest is ringing,
Clear from a-far it is echoing still,
Glory to God, for the Angels are singing,
Peace upon earth for the men of good will.

2. Glory to God, as the Prophets foretold it,
Over the ages the Promise was cast;
Paradise heard it, and now we behold it,
Seed of the Woman, we hail Thee at her.

3. Glory to God, for, as dews of the morning,
Songs of Thy Birthday are filling the air;
Shepherds of Bethlehem give us the warning;
Child of the Virgin, we welcome Thee there!

4. Glory to God, let the glad exultations
Sound through the world, bring peace to the wise,
Joy for all people - Desire of the Nations ! -
Echo the tidings in songs to the skies!

5. We, too, with Shepherds and Magi and Angel,
Prostrate before Thee our homage would bring;
Hail Thee the Saviour, the Christ, the Emmanuel,
Own Thee our Prophet, our Priest, and our King.

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