The Babe Of Bethlehem Lyrics

Christmas Carols

The Babe Of Bethlehem Lyrics
1. The Babe in Bethlem's manger laid,
In humble form so low;
By wond'ring Angels is survey'd,
Thro' all His scenes of woe.

Nowell, Nowell,
Now sing a Saviour's Birth;'
All hail, all hail
His Coming down to earth,
Who raises us to Heav'n!

2. A Saviour! sinners all around
Sing, shout the wondrous word;
Let every bosom hail the sound,
A Saviour! Christ the Lord. [Chorus]

3. For not to sit on David's throne
With worldly pomp and joy,
He came for sinners to atone
And Satan to destroy. [Chorus]

4. To preach the Word of Life Divine,
And feed with living Bread,
To heal the sick with hand benign,
And raise to life the dead. [Chorus]

5. He preached, He suffered, bled and died,
Uplift 'twixt earth and skies;
In sinners' stead was crucified,
For sin a sacrifice. [Chorus]

6. Well may we sing a Saviour's Birth,
Who need the Grace so given,
And hail His coming clown to earth,
Who raises His to Heaven. [Chorus]

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