Cursive Lyrics

Cursive Lyrics

From the Album I Am Gemini (2012) (buy at

This House Alive
Warmer, Warmer
The Sun And Moon
Drunken Birds
Lullaby For No Name [Instrumental]
Double Dead
Twin Dragon/Hello Skeleton
This House A Lie [Instrumental]
The Cat And Mouse
A Birthday Bash
Eulogy For Name Name

From the Album Mama, I'm Swollen (2009) (buy at

In The Now
From The Hips
I Couldn't Love You
We're Going To Hell
Mama, I'm Satan
Let Me Up
Mama, I'm Swollen
What Have I Done?

From the Album Happy Hollow (2006) (buy at

Opening The Hymnal/babies
Dorothy At Forty
Big Bang
Bad Sects
Flag And Family
Dorothy Dreams Of Tornadoes
The Sunks
At Conception
So-So Gigolo
Bad Science
Into The Fold
Rise Up!! Rise Up!!
Hymnals For The Heathen

From the Album The Difference Between Houses And Homes (Lost Songs And Loose Ends 1995 - 2001) (2005) (buy at

Sucker And Dry
And The Bit Just Chokes Them
There's A Coldest Day In Every Year
A Disruption In The Normal Swing Of Things
The Knowledgeable Hasbeens
A Disruption In Our Lines Of Influence
I Thought There'd Be More Than This

From the Album Print Is Dead (2004) (buy at
Print Is Dead
International Gamers Committee
Pink Eye
So When Did Everyone In A Band Become Such A Hair Farmer?
If I Could Only Breathe Underwater
The Thought Police
Into Your Heart
Carl Streator Might Have Been On To Something
Enter Sandman: The Wussy Version Without The Guitar Solo
Drum Machine

From the Album The Ugly Organ (2003) (buy at

The Ugly Organist
Some Red Handed Sleight of Hand
Art Is Hard
The Recluse
Herald! Frankenstein
Butcher The Song
Driftwood: A Fairy Tale
A Gentleman Caller
Harold Weathervein
Bloody Murderer
Staying Alive

From the Album 8 Teeth to Eat You [Split w/Eastern Youth] (2002) (buy at

Excerpts From Various Notes Strewn Around The Bedroom Of April Connolly, Feb 24, 1997
Am I Not Yours?
Escape Artist
May Flowers

From the Album Burst And Bloom (2001) (buy at

Sink To The Beat
The Great Decay
Tall Tales, Telltales
Mothership, Mothership, Do You Read Me?
Fairytales Tell Tales

From the Album Domestica (2000) (buy at

The Casualty
The Martyr
Shallow Means, Deep Ends
Making Friends And Acquaintances
A Red So Deep
The Lament Of Pretty Baby
The Game Of Who Needs Who The Worst
The Radiator Hums
The Night I Lost The Will To Fight

From the Album The Storms Of Early Summer: Semantics Of Song (1998) (buy at

The Rhyme Scheme
A Career In Transcendence
The Road To Financial Stability
Break In The New Year
Semantics Of Sermon
A Little Song And Dance
When Summer's Over Will We Dream Of Spring
Northern Winds
Abscense Makes The Day Go Longer

From the Album Such Blinding Stars For Starving Eyes (1997) (buy at

After The Movies
Downhill Racers
Ceilings Crack
The Dirt Of The Vineyard
Target Group
Eight Light Minutes
Dedication To Desertion
Warped The Wood Floors
The Farewell Party

From the Album The Disruption (1996) (buy at
The Disruption
A Disruption In The Normal Swing Of Things
There's A Coldest Day In Every Year
The Knowledgeable Hasbeens
A Disruption In Our Lines Of Influence

Other Songs:
No News Is Bad News ("Happy Hollow" B-Side)
Sinner's Serenade
Ten Percent To The Ten Percent (from "Lagniappe" Compilation)
The Bitter End (from "Dorothy At Forty" Single)
The Censor (from "Dorothy At Forty" Single)

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