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The Cross Movement Lyrics

From the Album HIStory: Our Place In His Story (2007) (buy at
HIStory: Our Place In His Story
Name Up

From the Album Higher Definition (2004) (buy at
Higher Definition
Civilian Affairs
Hey Y'all
Lord You Are
Card Shark
On In Here

From the Album Gift Rap (2004) (buy at
Gift Rap
Christmas Time
Came Down
Happy Birthday To Who?
On This Day
Love Does
The King's Speech
Invasion Day

From the Album Holy Culture (2003) (buy at
Holy Culture
Holy Culture
When I Flow... It's Gospel
In Not Of
It's Going Down
Cry No More
Start Somethin'
Times Table
Rise Up
Closer to You
Live It
Eternal Cypha

From the Album Human Emergency (2000) (buy at
Human Emergency
The Light (The Blazin' One)
Hold It Down
C To The R
On The Move
Know Me (Huh, What?)
What Do You See?
Love Life
Creature Double Feature
On Right Now
All Day
Live Agua
To My Peoples

From the Album House Of Representatives (1999) (buy at
House Of Representatives
House Of Representatives
Playa Hater #1
Super Stars
Eyes Off Me
I Am That I Am
Spare Rituals
Off The Hook
Just 4 You
Maze Of The Madness
The Way
Think On These Things
Cypha The Next Day

From the Album Heaven's Mentality (1998) (buy at
Heaven's Mentality
Blood Spilla'
Test it
Father Forgie Them
Who's Da Man
Catch 22
Heaven's Mentality
Lower Case gods
El Elyon
Solo Christo
Cypha' Time

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