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Conway Twitty Lyrics

Lay You Down Lyrics

Lay You Down
Conway Twitty

There's a lot of ways of saying
What I want to say to you
There's songs and poems and promises
and dreams that might come true
But I won't talk of starry skys
or moonlight on the ground
I'll come right out and tell you
I'd just love to lay you down
Lay you down and softly wisper
pretty love words in your ear
Lay you down and tell you all the things
A women wants to hear
I'll let you know how much it means
Just having you around
And darling how I'd love to lay you down

there's so many ways your sweet love
Made this house into a home
You've got a way of doing
little things that turn me on
Like standing in the kitchen
In your faded cotton gown
Oh darling how I'd love to lay you down
When a whole lot of Decembers
Are showing in your face
Your auburn hair has faded
And silver takes it's place
You'll be just as lovely
And I'll still be around
And darling if I can I know
I'd love to lay you down
one key lower.. repeat chorus
one key lower.. repeat chorus

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