Clinton Sparks Lyrics

Clinton Sparks Lyrics

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From the Album My Awesome Mixtape 3 (2012) (buy at
My Awesome Mixtape 3
Catch This Flight

From the Album Maybe You Been Brainwashed (2005) (buy at
Maybe You Been Brainwashed
Get Down
Still Cant Deny It
Okay Dun
Run this city
Let It Go
Stand da F*ck Up
Underground Legend
Buck on Em
Roc Cafe
Pop Shots (Sparks Mix)
Knock Em Out
Hater Bug
State Prop Boyz
Where You Been
Whatever It Takes
I Like (Bonus Track)

Other Songs:
Dumb Hyphy (From "Bay Bidness 3: More To The Movement" Mixtape)
Supa Dupa Star
SUX2BU (Sucks To Be You)
What U Came Here To Do

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