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(feat. Jess Glynne)

[Verse 1:]
We're a thousand miles from comfort, we have traveled land and sea
But as long as you are with me, there's no place I'd rather be
I would wait forever, exalted in the scene
As long as I am with you, my heart continues to beat

With every step we take, Kyoto to The Bay
Strolling so casually
We're different and the same, gave you another name
Switch up the batteries

If you gave me a chance I would take it
It's a shot in the dark but I'll make it
Know with all of your heart, you can't shame me
When I am with you, there's no place I'd rather be
N-n-n-no, no, no, no place I'd rather be [3x]

[Verse 2:]
We staked out on a mission to find our inner peace
Make it everlasting so nothing's incomplete
It's easy being with you, sacred simplicity
As long as we're together, there's no place I'd rather be



When I am with you, there's no place I'd rather be

Hmmmmmmmmmm, hoooooooooo
Be [9x]
Yeah-e-yeah-e-yeah-e-yeah-e-yeah, yeah, yeah


When I am with you, there's no place I'd rather be
Writer: Stephen Fasano, Jack Patterson, Nicole Marshall
Copyright: Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing Allegro (Uk), Sony/ATV Music Publishing Bv, Emi Music Publishing Ltd.

Rather Be Info:

• Grace Chatto explained: "It's a love song about being completely content with the person that you're with. We usually write songs by writing all the instrumental parts first and only when that's finished start on the vocal."

"When Jack wrote the original line, we didn't know it was going to be a love song at that point, and then it developed into this really happy, sentimental thing."

• The song won the 2015 Grammy award for Best Dance Recording

From the Album:
New Eyes (2014)
January 17th, 2014
Music video:
"Rather Be" on YouTube

The video was made by the group and features Haruka Abe as a Japanese fan of the band.

Jack Patterson explained: "The video is about a Japanese fan of the band who becomes delirious and has hallucinations of band members and our logo appearing unexpectedly in her daily life as a chef. Filming in Tokyo was an amazing experience: we spent almost a week there and everyone was so helpful."

"We made it ourselves as always, which was quite scary as we've never produced anything so far away before. We had a bit of trouble filming the scene on the train though. Turns out it's considered incredibly rude to make noise on a train so when we started dancing around to the track in the carriage with the extras, it didn't go down well! Got shouted at."

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